BBW Phone Sex

I never got so horny in years. My wife was away on a business trip for the last 4 months and I didn't have a wank in a month due to an injury on my left hand. I always use my left hand to jack off because it's the only one that gives me pleasure, I have tried to do it with my right hand several times but it always proves to be a waste of time as I don't get any pleasure doing it with my right hand.
So, today my injury was healed and I was very eager to get off today, I wasn't having any fun with any real woman either, no harlot, no girlfriend, no one-night stands because I love my wife so much that I can't cheat on her.

What I forgot to tell you is that my wife also works as a phone operator. Her phone sex number made it on Mike's list, that I just linked to, which I've been told is famous or something. So, as you can imagine, she is one vicious cock hungry ho.
If you want to have some fun jerking off to my wife, her number is 1-888-487-3254.

So, I thought instead of wanking to the porn today, let me do something I never did before. It will triple the fun. I planned to call up my BBW wife Samantha. Samantha loves me more than I do her, so I was sure that she hasn't had any either in the last 4 months and she doesn't like doing it herself much either, so she must be more horny than I am. Samantha demands sex several times a day while at home due to her very high estrogen levels.

So, I called my pretty wife up and it felt like she was already waiting for it. Her voice was sounding so slutty on the day.
Me - "Hi Babes! What's going on?"
Samantha - "Nothing much honey. On my way to the local Grocery store. Is everything alright? You sound kindda different"
Me - "How are the puppies (referring to her 36G boobs)?
Samantha - "They are feeling very horny and sexy. Saw a very hot and handsome guy jogging in his shorts today and that got me pretty hot."
Me - "You dirty bitch!"
Samantha - "You know you are the only one for me. These puppies, this love canal (her pussy), these yummy whoopie cakes (her hot big ass) is all yours. I was just joking. Nobody is as hot as you for me, honey."
Me - "What are you doing for the pastime nowadays?
Samantha - "I cam, baby. Hope you don't mind."
Me - "I don't as long as you are not fucking them."
Samantha - "You know, I never will. You want me to cam for you. Special private nude show for you, absolutely free. What do you think of that, honey"?
Me - "No. The home computer is wrecked. I think I will have to use my imagination."
Samantha - "Oh my poor baby. I wanted you to see my buns so bad. They have grown a bit in the last 4 months and my old clients on cam tell me that they look more delicious now."
This is the last pic she sent me:

Me - " Unfortunately, I will have to imagine about them today, come here soon and I will tap them onions all day, all night."
Samantha - "I wanna suck your cock so bad, I can't even tell you."
Me - "Oh baby, I just came, haven't had any fun in the last 30 days, I just couldn't last. Okay, now I need to have a nap. Bye-Bye Honey. Kisses."
Samantha (Very upset) - "Okay, bye Baby".